Zocker for iOS

Monitor and control your Docker instance remotely!

Check status, start and stop containers and review container data from anywhere.


Action Scanner

Action Scanner automatically scans through your choice of Police, Fire, EMS and other feeds from around the world, simultaneously monitoring up to 6 feeds at a time. Now you don't have to miss any of the action, be it next door or across the country!

Worldwide Coverage

Over 6,800 stations currently available

Get in on the Action

Instantly find the most popular feeds in your region


Independent control of volume and squelch for each station

Background Audio

Listen in the background while you play music or use other apps

Feed Banks

Group your feeds for easy access

Sleep Timer

Automatically mute audio after a set time


At Ultibits we take your privacy seriously. We have no use for your personal information and do not collect it or share it with anyone. 

We may collect general usage data such as what type of devices and what level of OS our software is running on. This helps us to understand which platforms we should be targeting for bug fixes and future enhancements. We can not tie this information back to specific users in any way. Some of our applications employ Flurry Analytics to deliver this reporting. 

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